Message from VP

Explore your future with us

To Future Students: 

Thank you for stopping by at the webpage of Walailak University – especially this WU Global Page!

First up is great news. For our international programs, we are currently offering several partial scholarships (mostly tuition waiver). I invite you to apply for one. I would encourage you to send in your expression of interest first and then follow up with other details later. I need this information so that I have sufficient information to ask for funding for this purpose from the university. You may send it directly to me:

I welcome you to be a part of the new development at Walailak University. You may have read what the President, Prof Dr Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, says on his “Message from the President” about so many exciting things that have been happening at the University since his arrival in July 2016. I was here at the University just a little bit ahead of Prof Sombat, and I can say emphatically how proud I am to be a part of Prof Sombat’s vision and actions. The Campus has now been extensively renewed. Some of the older buildings have now been renovated including the main lecture buildings and dormitories. The newly renovated building for Walailak University Language Institute (WULI) is now housing some 30 foreign staff, with brand new facilities. Sports and Health complex has also been renovated. An entirely new building was completed a couple months ago, now a home of the School of Architecture and Design, Walailak University International College (WUIC), the International Law Program, and a Moot Court. The “Walailak Park” is emerging as one of the most beautiful spots on the 3,500-acre already lush green campus. At the Park, there is such a very pleasant veranda stretching out to the serene lake. Watching the Sun going down behind the Khao Luang Mountain from the veranda in the evening is quite an experience. 

Indeed, there are so many exciting things happening at Walailak University, which is located in Thasala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, some 800 kilometers south of Bangkok. In other words, it is in the upper part of the South of Thailand. It is only an hour flight from Bangkok. Imagine when the construction of the Walailak University Hospital Center is completed in two years’ time, it will transform this now second largest city in the province even further. I was born and raised in this province and I have been away from it for the past 40 years. I am very excited by all of these new opportunities. I just realized also that the city of Thasala is not very far from the world famous Island of Samui at all; it is only about two hours away by car and ferry. 

Walailak University is positioned to be an integral part of the world. That is why we have set up a number of international colleges and international programs, offering courses in English. More courses in English will be put in place for international students to choose. We are well-positioned academically, geographically/environmentally, and culturally. Nakhon Si Thammarat is both historic and historical! It used to be one of Asia’s commercial and cultural centers. The city does maintain its past strengths, on which its current growth is being clearly visible. We at Walailak University are proud to be a part of this growing city. 

Welcome to Nakhon Si Thammarat. Welcome to Walailak University!