Our resolution

Our resolution

Educational philosophy 

Walailak University is a quality university aiming towards equipping graduates with abilities to enhance competitiveness in line with the motto, “Academic Excellence with Professional Skills”
Academic excellence defines Walailak University’s teaching and learning practiced in consistency with The United Kingdom Professional Standards Frameworks (UKPSF). The graduates must be able to think analytically, synthetically and creatively. 
Professional Skills are characterized by teaching and learning nourished through field practice, cooperative and work integrated education (CWIE).

Identity of Walailak University 

Walailak University strives to produce quality graduates with high competitiveness who can be described as “good and able”. 
Good refers to graduates practicing gratitude, volunteering spirit, virtue and morality consistent with the professions. 
Able refers to graduates who can think analytically, synthetically and creatively, have leadership and can skillfully to put knowledge to real-world practices.