The University emphasize on developing students capability that why the Students dormitory are more than an accommodation, with the propose to make it to be a Living, Learning and Caring Center to support the accommodation environment to be part that supports the learning, support students to have a responsibility, respect each other right, learn to live in the community, have a responsibility in the community and live a happy life in the university

Sevices system and dormitory welfare

  • There are security guards for 24 hours
  • The common room is cleaned by the housekeeper.
  • The rooms are comfortable, clean, and secure
  • There are activity rooms such as computer room, study room, prayer room, ironing room, television room
  • There are first aid kit and 24 hours ambulance service
  • There are newspapers and hot and cold water services
  • There are public telephone and internal telephone services
  • Activities for enhancing the quality of life
  • Activities for the freshman student in order to enhance the quality of life
  • Domitory coordinitory center
  • There are ATM machine at student activity building, Thaiburi building, lecturers building 5
  • There is both indoor and outdoor sports center such as football, basketball, tennis and swimming pool
  • There are canteens throughout day and night
  • There are WU book center, supermarket, and laundry shop.
  • Convenience store

Requirment on Report to dormitory day

1. 1 inch picture of Student in University Uniform 3 picture
2. personal belonging
  • Pillow/Pillow case
  • Blanket
  • Window Curtain
  • 3.5 feed bed sheet
  • cabinet padlock
  • Bloom/Mop/dust pan/garbage bin
  • Shoes shelf
3. electric appliances that can use in dormitory
  • Computer with the extention cable
  • Fan (Size is not over 16 inch)