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Walailak University, Top Green Glory of the South Mesmerizes Chinese Lecturers

Walailak University, Top Green Glory of the South Mesmerizes Chinese Lecturers
No wonder why Walailak University was accredited by Green University Rankings for the second consecutive year as the top UI GreenMetric World University Rankings in the south of Thailand!

Our testimonial certified by three new Chinese lecturers at the School of Liberal Arts: two from the Office of Chinese Language Council International (a Thai and a Chinese) and one new native Chinese lecturer.

Today half-day campus tour on the huge campus of 3,558.3 acres started at Walailak University Botanical Park https://botany.wu.ac.th/?page_id=12468&lang=en . The area covers 533.7 acres and was divided into 5 main areas: 1) the office area consisting of a lakeside camping area and a well-equipped hostel with the capacity of hosting 150 guests, 2) the jungle area, 3) the Thai herb garden with over 300 herbs, 4.) the ongoing construction site of WU National History Museum, 5) the sciences and local wisdom learning center (including laboratories for animals, anatomy, astronomy, royal projects, and a banana farm containing over 100 species). Visitors can explore natural the jungle area by climbing to the top of the 20-meter high 360-degree canopy walk way. Moreover, a bamboo village and an orchid farm are already in the 2022 Botanical Park development plan. If you like to canoe, cycling or jogging along the lake side, WU Botanical Park is the best choice during the stay.

The second check point was Walailak University’s professional sport complex https://sport.wu.ac.th/ . It is located near by the Botanical Park. All sports lovers are welcome to enjoy football, tennis, table tennis, swim, sauna, fitness, valley ball, aerobic, basketball and golf course. Sport addicts should not miss our well-equipped sports complex. 

The third stop was Walailak University students’ accommodation https://dsa.wu.ac.th/?page_id=20739. The university provides 14 standard student dormitories; two male accommodations, and 8 female accommodations. The student pays only 2,700 Baht per student per term for the standard accommodation fee. For the new WU residence, it was opened in 2021 with 4 buildings to serve the students. The room rate is 5,000 Baht per room per month and allows one or two students to stay per room. The low-cost accommodations satisfy both parents and students.

After visiting the students’ accommodation, we took the Chinese lecturers to the Greenhouse Inaugurated Farm, belonging to and managed by the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry. The objectives of the farm were to support students to learn and to experiment with innovating agricultural technologies for education and research purposes. Students who work in the farm can earn some money. The hydroponic farm is currently in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel, Bangkok under the support by Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation: MASHAV. Dr. Athakorn Promwee, lecturer of School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry, is the farm manager. Quality agricultural products include melon, Brassica oleracea, cantonese, morning glory, celery, chili and so on.

The fifth place was the Center for Library Resources and Educational Media https://library.wu.ac.th/ which provides both on site and online services. Online external book/document loans from other universities are also available. No matter what materials you need, Walailak University librarians will find them for you.

The sixth exciting place is Walailak University’s most gorgeous front garden in Asia https://dcc.wu.ac.th/walailakpark/. The 100-acre garden by a beautiful 51-acre reservoir is located east of the university main entrance, and was brilliantly initiated by President Sombat Thamrongthanyawong in 2017-2018. The park includes ten handsome must-see check points: 1) the maze, 2) the British garden, 3) the Japanese garden, 4)   the Tippimarn (paradise) waterfall, 5) the heart façade, 6) the owl fountain 7) elephant herd sculptures 8) the main water terrace, 9) a long cycling track and 10) a jogging track. The unique highlight of the garden is the golden Nora sculptures which represent not only the southern Thai local dance, but also a symbol of southern Thai culture since B.E. 1820, and officially listed by Unesco heritage status on the art form as Thailand's "Intangible Cultural Heritage". https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2232491/southern-thai-dance-form-nora-gets-unesco-heritage-status .  It is highly recommended that you visit the garden during the sunset when you will see the sky change to many different beautiful pastel colors. Let’ imagine the pleasant evening when you share the sky with someone special, enjoy water biking, feed fish in the reservoir.

The seventh place for a half day tour ended at Walailak University Hospital https://hospital.wu.ac.th/en/home/  located opposite Walailak French entrance garden. At the hospital, visitors can relax at the French garden designed by Dr. Kampon Tansacha, Managing Director and the owner of Nong Noot tropical garden in Pattaya, Chonburi Province - a 500-acre botanical garden and a tourist attraction which is the top ten of the most beautiful world gardens.

The half-day tour excited our Chinese lecturer colleagues with the natural beauty, the smart educational technology, the smart farms, and the smart health facilities at Walailak University. To learn from our Chinese colleagues’ own words in English and in Chinese, please view the attached short VDO clips at WU Botanic Park, WU French entrance garden, and WU Hospital.  Should you like to visit Walailak University for your future quality education, please contact interaffairs@wu.ac.th.  You can also visit our website at www.wu.ac.th or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ciawalailak/

Written by Jiraporn Kansuwan, Center for International Affairs
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