Walailak University Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Professor Karl G. Trautman

Walailak University recently welcomed the visit of Fulbright Scholar and Political Science Professor Dr. Karl G. Trautman, from Central Maine Community College in the USA. During his stay from 29 January to 4 February 2023, Professor Trautman shared his expertise on the current trends in higher education in the United States. He has over 35 years of experience as a visiting professor at universities around the US and in Japan and as a writer of both non-fiction and fiction books.

     On 1 February, Professor Trautman addressed the Dean's Forum 2/2023 at Walailak University Hospital and shared insights into higher education in the US. He highlighted that 37.9% of Americans aged 25 and above have a bachelor's degree (as of 2021) and discussed the earning gap between full-time workers aged 22-27 with a bachelor's degree, whose median annual wage is $52,000, and those with a high school diploma or no degree, who earn a median annual wage of $30,000. He also touched upon the shift towards distance education which has both pros and cons, with 59% of postsecondary students enrolled in online courses in fall 2021, and the key factors influencing college choice in the US, including academic reputation, program availability, job placement rate, and cost of attendance.

     On 2 February, Professor Trautman attended Walailak Global Program at the Division of Corporate Communication and emphasized the importance of student engagement in class. He pointed out that teachers should continuously assess their students' understanding and be open to experimenting with different teaching methods to foster a better connection with their students.

     "As you do that, the students will sense that you are trying to connect with them. There’s a better chance that they will actually listen to what you are saying and gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills," said Professor Trautman.

News by Settaboot Onphakdee
Divion of Corporate Communication