School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University, Organizing SLA International Night 2023, reinforcing Cultural Conservation and Student Collaboration 

School of Liberal Arts (SLA), Walailak University, led by the Student Club of School of Liberal Arts, organizes International Night WU 2023, the school’s annual get-together to reinforce the identity of School of Liberal Arts as multinational community of learning and more importantly, the mission to instill desirable values of graduates being equipped with “gratitude, discipline, volunteering spirit and leadership” in line with the university’s commitment to producing Good and Able graduates. The event took place at WU Student Canteen on March 3rd, 2023 from 18.00 to 22.00 pm. 

SLA International Night 2023 serves as the school’s reinforcement of the most valued motto in producing fully qualified graduates with gratitude, discipline, volunteering spirit and leadership. The event received overwhelming attendance from lecturers and students both from School of Liberal Arts and other Schools. Dr. Kamontip Klaibanmai, Deputy Dean of School of Liberat Arts, Walailak University, presiding over the event on behalf of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarawoot Palipoch, Dean of School of Liberal Arts, mentioned the role of the school in conserving and restoring of cultural legacies through student-run activities in the opening ceremony. 

“School of Liberal Arts puts our education in line with cultural conservation. We aim to create the emerging knowledge which evolves in sync with global dynamics as shown in the curriculum geared toward theories being put to practice,” said Dr. Kamoltip. 

“International Night has gained recognition as a fun student-organized get-together in which students from different Major programs under SLA including Thai program, English program, Chinese program, and recently instituted program, Teaching program together with Asian Studies Program from School of Political Science. With School of Law and School of Political Science joining us this year, we have achieved success in a bigger team,” added Dr. Kamoltip. 

The SLA International Night 2023 features multicultural food booths and shows singlehandedly organized and run by students including singing in English, Thai, Chinese and languages in South East Asia, Chinese Traditional dance, and Lead Joke show. Faculties and students joining the event also experience multicultural delicacies in international food booths such as Vietnamese sandwiches, Chinese barbeque, American barbeque, Khanom-Ko (Sugar Dumplings with Coconut and Larb Kai (spicy minced chicken Salad). 

From the perspective of students, SLA international night serves as an extra-curricular platform for students to apply both hard skills they have acquired in the curriculum in accordance with the program’s expertise and to grow soft skills such as teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving through working in collaboration with others. 

“The entire process reiterates student- driven operation in every step. We started planning and meeting since December last year. To succeed in organizing this event, we had learned to cooperate with Head student of each year of studies in SLA as well as those from outside the school such as WU Band, delegated responsivities and, more importantly dealt with problems at hands. It is an opportunity for learning outside the classroom, the concept which not only our faculty but also our university upholds,” reflected Ms. Chutathip Thongsong, President of the Student Club of the School of Liberal Arts.

Next year’s International Night will be taking place as the space where everyone comes to showcase their potentials. It will be in alignment with the school’s higher enrollment rate, so a larger scale of the collaboration and turnout is to be anticipated. 

News by Ms. Nootchanat Sukkaew, Lecturer of English Program, School of Liberal Arts 
Photo by The Student Club of School of Liberal Arts