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Indonesian Consul in Thailand Shares Knowledge of Cooperative Education with Walailak University Students

Walailak University's Center for International Affairs (CIA) and the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (COOP) invited Mrs. Sri Anggun Sulistiyani, the Consul of Social and Cultural Affairs from the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Songkhla, Kingdom of Thailand, to be a guest speaker and share knowledge about cooperative education in Indonesia under the topic “Indonesia, Your Dream Overseas Internship Experiences" for Walailak University students on 8 February 2023.

The delegation, consisting of Mrs. Sri Anggun Sulistiyani, the Consul of Social and Cultural Affairs, the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Songkhla, Kingdom of Thailand; Mrs. Dareeya Jantharattana, an Immigration Officer, Ms. Marsya Fadhia Akmal, Staff of Socio-cultural Affairs; and Mr. Denny Suryadi, a consulate support personnel, totaling four people, were welcomed by Dr. Chirawat Wattanapanich, Acting Deputy Director of the CIA, at the CIA conference room, Cooperative Education Building.

Then, the delegation was led to meet with students to give lectures in Lecture Building 5, Room 5301. 264 students from various programs attended the lecture, including the School of Architecture and Design (36 people), Interior Design Program (20 people), Chinese major - School of Liberal Arts (78 people), English major (3 people), Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Digital Communication Arts (34 people), Multimedia Technology Animation and Games Program (51 people), Bachelor of Engineering Program in Petrochemical and Polymer (18 people), School of Medicine - Sports Science and Exercise Program (22 people), and School of Accountancy and Finance Program in Economics (2 people).

The talk included information that students should know about cooperative education in Indonesia, where students will practice cooperative education as well as gain social knowledge and working culture, the language used, and the nature of jobs or careers that are growing in Indonesia, such as engineering, education and language, hotel and tourism, and various business areas. Additionally, the speaker also educated students about various types of visa applications, both short-term (3-6 months) and long-term (6 months - 1 year). At the end of the lecture, during the Q&A session, students who attended the lecture asked the Consul of Social and Cultural Affairs questions and showed interest in going to practice cooperative education in Indonesia. Students received souvenirs and took a commemorative photo with the consul as an honor.

Mrs. Sri Anggun Sulistiyani also had lunch together with Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President of Walailak University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Surin Maisrikrod, Acting Vice President, Asst. Prof. Dr. Patnarin Supakorn, Acting Director of the Center for International Affairs, and executives from Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), Indonesia, at the President guesthouse, followed by a photo session at Honor Hall, Walailak University Hospital, before returning to Songkhla Province.

For lectures to educate and inspire Walailak University students to pursue cooperative education abroad, The CIA has sent invitation letters to various countries, including all ASEAN countries as well as popular destinations among students, such as England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Japan. If accepted, the CIA will continue to organize lectures and meetings with students to educate and inspire them to pursue cooperative education overseas.

Photos by Woraprat Janpan
News by Jiraporn Kansuwan, Center for International Affairs
Translated and edited by Settaboot Onphakdee, Division of Corporate Communication