Walailak University Celebrates Its 31st Anniversary.

Walailak University celebrated its 31st anniversary with a merit-making ceremony attended by representatives from three religions. Buddhists donated food to 31 monks, Muslims made Dua, and Christian leaders led prayers.

On March 29, 2023, at 7 AM, Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President of Walailak University, and Mr. Teerachai Chemnasiri, President of the University Council, presided over the ceremony. Foods were donated to the monks; Muslims made Dua, expressing their thanks and asking for blessings, and Christians prayed for the auspiciousness of all Walailak personnel and students.

The formal ceremony took place in the Thaiburi building, where Prof. Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanwong briefed attendees on the university's performance over the past six years. During his presidency, the university has made significant progress, with the number of research articles increasing from 159 articles in 2016 to over 740 in 2022, most of which were published in Scopus-indexed journals in Quartiles 1 and 2. Additionally, the number of student applications has increased, with higher quality applicants, and 98.3 percent of the teaching staff are certified by Advance HE based on the United Kingdom Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF).

Mr. Teerachai Chemnasiri, President of the University Council, delivered a speech on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the establishment of Walailak University. He congratulated all the staff for the university's success and shared the four principles necessary for the university’s continued success: first is leadership from the president - the continuity of the presidency gives benefits in terms of the continuity of work and the university’s direction; second is teamwork and cooperation from everyone in the university; third is the strategies needed to achieve goals; and lastly is the support from various organizations, including the university council.

After the speeches, there was a royal decorations presentation ceremony, followed by a ceremony honoring personnel who worked at Walailak University continuously for 25 years, and an award ceremony for outstanding alumni.

Photos by Chonthicha Limpiti and Bunpoht Baimiden
News by Settaboot Onphakdee
Division of Corporate Communication