SLA English Program Student Passing through Regional-Round CWIE Presentation 2023 With Outstanding Award and Ready for the National 

Ms. Sudarat Jettana, a graduate from School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University, won the Excellence Reward in the category of Outstanding Cooperative Education Student Award in Social Sciences in the 14th Upper Southern Cooperative Education Contest at Phuket Rajabhat University, Phuket. The competition is to serve as a platform for senior-year students to share their Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education (CWIE) experience. 

Committed to Walailak University Cooperative Education policy led by the Center for Cooperative Education, Walailak University, School of Liberal Arts has been placing 3rd year students in various national and international organization to gain hands-on career insights in an 8-month internship program and be equipped with employability skills. As a result, immersing in real-world work setting, our students acknowledge their role to actively contribute to the organization by addressing any ongoing issues and pitch practical solutions using their knowledge. 

Working for the Institute of Research and Innovation, Walailak University, Ms. Surdarat Jettana, got an opportunity to assist in the team responsible for research grant application and observe time-consuming process and difficulty in accessing massive information and forms. To solve this, Ms. Sudarat introduced to the team a system called “Uncluttering”, a roadmap-displayed system which help to visualize data through categorizing, listing and clear direction throughout research grant application process.

Ms. Suttida reflected that the 4-month period not only broadens field-specific skill, especially unfamiliar technical terms needed for her translation work but also other generic skills such as abilities to collect and analyze information, work as a team, and digital literacy through creating digital content. 

“I have learned more about use of language in a real-world setting. Being an English program student, working for an institution specializing in health science is definitely a challenge but it teaches me to see how the language knowledge can be used from a new perspective. I learned to read, interpret and design an innovation which help scholars access grant details more easily,” said Ms. Suttida. She also added, “I would like to thank my advisor to give a chance to try new and challenging things, including this presentation.”

The contest is divided into the following categories: 1) Outstanding International Cooperative Education Student Category 2) Outstanding Student Cooperative Education Innovation 3) Outstanding Cooperative Education Student Category in Science and Technology 4) Outstanding Cooperative Education Student Award in Social Sciences 5) Outstanding Communication Arts Faculty Award 6) Outstanding Worker Award in Educational Institutions 7) Outstanding Worker Award in an Enterprise and 8) Large Enterprise Award and medium size with students, professors and personnel. For this year, Walailak University lecturers, personnel and students altogether won a total of 10 prizes. Winners in each of the categories, including Ms. Suttida, will proceed to compete on a national level at at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Bangkok, in upcoming May, 2023.

Photos by the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development, Walailak University
Written by Nootchanat Sukkaew, Lecturer of English Program, Walailak University