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Value-Added Nipa Palm at Kanabnak Community, Pakpanang River Basin, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Moving Toward Sustainable Development Goals–SDGs

           Nipa Palm is the traditional plantation of Pakpanang River Basin at Nakhon Si Thammrat.  which is valuable and beneficial for the local community economy and conservation in the region. The main products obtained from nipa palm forest that generates income can be divided into 2 parts: 1) Sap products which can be processed into molasses granulated sugar, syrup and vinegar. 2) Products from other parts of nipa palm, such as leaves and stems, which can be used to make roofs and cigarette rolling papers. It was found that most of the communities earn 90-130 USD/day from palm sugar production. Khanap Nak community is a coastal community with large amounts of nipa palm in the area.  The income of people relies on making nipa palm products for primary and supplementary income. Recently, there are 476 households planting Nipa Palm around 4,576 Rai. Researchers from Walailak University have studied for a decade to develop the Nipa palm farmers in various dimension.  In 2019, Assistant Prof. Dr. Rungrawee Jitpakdee and team have studies on Sustainable upgrading and developing local wisdom of Nipa Palm at Pak Panang River Basin for creating creative products toward commercial marketing. Our team develop Nipa Palm farmer in every chain including  1) developing of food supplementary Nipa palm vinegar tablet from Nipa palm vinegar,  2) studying of local food identity and nutritional values from Nipa Palm forest,  3) designing craft products from Nipa Palm 4) developing potential of local community and their network of local wisdom of Nipa Palm 5) Marketing Channels of Nipa Palm Resources. Therefore, this research project can achieve SDGs  for local community in Kanabnak and other areas at Panang River Basin.



  • Assistant Prof. Dr. Rungrawee Jitpakdee is the head of the research project and  4 heads of sub-projects including  Assistant Prof. Dr. Wiyada Kwanhian, Ajarn Pavit Tansakul, Ajarn Prachya Kritsanaphan, and Asistant Prof. Bootaree Chanklap.

School of Management, 

Walailak University, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80160

Research Funding:

  • Thailand Science Research and Innovation Fund Under Area Based Research matching fund with Institute of Research and Innovation of Walailak University.


  • Non, It is just to be praised as the distinctive Area Based Research of Walailak University to be high impact for community.


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