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Fragrance and natural fungicidal product from Essential oil :Fragrance Krajood

  • Essential oils is an aroma compounds that plant produces and use to defend themselves from animal, insects and plant disease occurred from plant pathogens. Essential oils have been recognized and have long been used around for thousands of years as a medicine, cosmetic and food additives. In addition, essential oils (such as peppermint lavender, and orange) have been used in aromatherapy and may help promote sleep. Fragrant Krajood is produced from coating of Krajood fiber with essential oil which are safe and suitable to use for a production of healthy antifungal and insect Krajood products. Furthermore, fragrant Krajood have been created by Thai researchers.

  • From the original handicraft that come through us pass our ancestor, Krajood Ratri originated and continue developing a magnificent valuable handwoven goods. The Krajood handwoven products of Ratri made from Krajood that grow in the area of Cha-Uat district, Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. The natural Krajood fiber was selected and qualified for the best quality and pass through green processing. The woven was uniquely design before it was delicately produced into the handwoven bag by the expert southern local people in Thailand. With the Thai’s southern heritage, Krjood Ratri brand has been starting with a passion in Krajood handicraft and strong aspiration for bringing local Thai woven to become more value and world-famed.  With our empathize, we try to take care the environment in every step of our processing. Using manually harvest of Krajood from the swamp area that call Pru or Pra-Pru, the Krajood could rapidly regrowth into a thick cluster after harvest. With traditional method, local Thai people used krajood to produce various types of hand-woven goods such as baskets, mat and bags since the ancient time. Now Krajood handicraft has been support by Thai government to be in the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) project of Thailand that will encourage local economic in the countryside.




Assoc.Prof.Dr. Narumol Matan

  • Research Center in Innovation of Essential oil

  • School of Agricultural technology

Walailak University, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80160

Research Fundings:

  • The Thailand Research Fund (TRF)