The Future of Teaching and Learning at Walailak University

Walailak University, a frontier research university in Thailand, is planing to take its teaching and learning to the next level by establishing the Center for Teaching Excellence; another stepping stone towards quality educational success.

     “Education changes people’s lives. It enhances knowledge and skills needed for their future,” said Associate Professor Dr. Surin Maisrikrod, Walailak University’s Vice President for Global Engagement.

     During his workation, Associate Professor Dr. Surin paid a visit to a number of prestigious universities in the USA and Australia namely University of Minnesota, Boston College, University of Hawaii, Queensland University of Technology, and James Cook University, to observe learning and teaching.

“When people look at a university, they might think of some famous graduates, famous teachers, or the university’s rankings, but the most important thing is the quality of teaching and learning that the university provides which will benefit students directly,” said Associate Professor Dr. Surin. “This is what Walailak University has put a lot of emphasis on. We make sure our students get quality education which will empower them to have a good career and live a successful life”. 

Over decades, Walailak University has been investing in many projects aiming to improve its teaching and learning: conducting seminars, workshops, and trainings for the staff. With modern technology and facilities, Walailak University can deliver teaching and learning effectively both online and onsite, proven successful even in unprecedented time like Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently in early October 2022, Walailak University had celebrated its new achievement of over 90 percent of lecturers certified by Advance HE based on UK Professional Standard Framework. The UKPSF focuses on student-centered learning which enhances student’s critical, analytical, and creative thinking, encouraging student engagement.

Since the implementation of the UKPSF in 2017, Walailak University has made several positive changes: decreasing student’s drop-out rate, increasing freshmen intake, and increasing teaching evaluation score. 

Being ranked at 1501+ among universities worldwide by Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2023 and having its lecturers named on the Stanford University World’s Top 2% Scientists List, Walailak University will continue to work on producing quality graduates who are professionally-proficient and morally strong, considered as the heart of the University’s obligation.