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The livable community-building model of the Community Leadership Council in the upper southern region of Thailand.

  • Academic Coordination Team learning community empowerment to provide academic support, Livable Community Management Unit learning Outcome Management. Success factor: Community leaders have volunteer spirit, network partners support work based on expertise.
  • A livable community is a process that leads to strong communities to build healthy communities that need to develop the community leadership council's capacity to be ready for self-management by empowering them to control their lives and to include about dealing with factors that affect health.



Asst. Prof. Kamlai Somrak

  • School of nursing

Walailak University, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80160

Research Fundings:

  • Thailand Health Promotion Fund


  • Award for outstanding personnel in accordance with the main mission of Walailak University.
  • Presenting outstanding research, The 11th Walailak Research National Conference. 

Academic works:

  • Somrak, K., Jaraeprapal, U. (2017). The study of the Potential Development Model of Academic Coordination Team to Created Livable Communities Project. International Conference on Ethics, Esthetics, and Empirics in Nursing: Driving forces for Better Health. Faculty of Nursing, Prince Songkhla University.
  • Somrak, K., Jaraeprapal, U. (2017). Model of the operation of the academicCoordination team to create a livable community Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Area Based Development Research Journal, 9(6). 482-495.