Message from the President


Educational Background

- B.S. (Agriculture), Kasetsart University, Thailand
- M.P.S. (Government), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
- Exchange Student, Indiana University, USA
- Ph.D., Development Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration, the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand
- Honorary Degree of Humane Letters, Indiana University, The United States of America

Current Professional Experience

- President of Walailak University, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
- Member, Sub-Committee on Public Sector Development for the Development and Reinforcement of Participatory Administration
- Member, Sub-Committee on Public Sector Development for Social Public Sector Restructuring

Past Professional Experience

- Director of ASEAN and Asia Studies Center, NIDA, Thailand
- President of the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
- President of Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University Council, Ratchaburi, Thailand - Advisory Committee on Constitutional Law, Ombudsman
- Chairman, Political Reform Committee
- Member, The National Reform Council
- Member of Civil Service Commission on Higher Education
- Member, Student Loan Fund Committee
- Chairman, Sub-Committee on Human Resource and Wages, Student Loan Fund Committee Member
- Chairman, Sub-Committee on Supervision and Countermeasure against Overdue Debt, Student Loan Fund Committee Member
- Member, Expert Committee of Board of Royal Thai Police
- Chairman, Sub-Committee of Royal Thai Police for Auditing and Administration - Chair of Working Group for Studying Missions of the Office of Royal Thai Police in Assigning for Other Divisions and Competent Officials
- Director and Chair, Risk Management, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Thailand
- Director and Chair, Risk Management, National Housing Authority, Thailand - Chair, Committee on Constitutional Amendment Plans, Thailand
- Member, National Parliament (MP) , Thailand
- Chair, Phetchabun Rajaphat University Council, Thailand
- Director, Solidarity Committee for Political Reform and Constitution, Thailand - Chair, Committee on Development of Assessment Systems, the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization) ,Thailand
- Director, Secondary Mortgage Corporation, Thailand
- Director, Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand
- Chair, Sub-committee on Governmental Work Evaluation and Auditing, Ministry of Education, Thailand
- Dean, Graduate School of Public Administration, NIDA, Thailand
- Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Public Administration, NIDA, Thailand
- Member, Board of Regents, NIDA, Thailand

Academic Conference and Training

- Attending the Training for High Level Executives, Stanford University, USA. - Attending the Seminar on Local Government and Administration, Manila, the Philippines
- Presenting, a paper entitled “Thai Bureaucratic Reform,” KL, Malaysia
- Attending the IIAS Seminar on “Governance Public Administration,”Athens,Greece - Attending the International Association of Universities (IAU) “Universities as Local and Global Actor,” The Netherlands
- Attending the International President Forum on Global Research Universities Seminar, “Global Science and Technology Network,” Republic of Korea
- Attending the ASAIHL Seminar on “University Governance in Southeast Asian Countries,” Luang Prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic
- Attending the SEAMEO RIHED Seminar on “Quality Assurance and Recent Trends in Higher Education,” United Kingdom
- Attending the International Conference on “Improving Higher Educational Institutions: Empowering Future Generations,” International Institute of Public Policy and Management (INPUMA), The University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia
- Educational site visit in the U.S.A with SEAMEO RIHED on “University Governance” - Attending the ASAIHL Academic Conference on “Enhancing Graduate Employment,” Sri Lanka
- Attending the IASIA Academic Conference on “Governance for Sustainable Development: implications for Public Administration Education and Practice,” Brazil - Attending the EROPA Academic Conference on “Public Governance in Challenging EconomicTime:HumanResourceDevelopmentattheBattlefront,” Republic of Korea
- Attending “The 3rd International Conference on World Class Universities,” Shanghai, People's Republic of China
- Attending the IASIA Academic Conference on “Quality Assurance for Higher Education Development,” Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  1. Attending the ASAIHL Academic Conference on “Higher Education: Engaging the Knowledge Economy,” National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  2. Educational site visit in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, with NIDA graduate students of Public Administration, Batch 11 (Special Program, Chonburi Campus)
  3. Educational site visit in Myanmar, with the winners of the 24th PTT Art Contest
  4. Educational site visit in Japan, with NIDA Graduate School of Public
  5. Administration
  6. Educational site visit at Academy of Mongolia (AOM), Mongolia (for academic
  7. collaboration purposes)
  8. Educational site visit at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Qatar, Indonesia (for academic
  9. collaboration purposes)
  10. Educational site visit in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, with the
  11. Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand




  1. -  Politics: Ideologies and Development
  2. -  Public Policies: Concepts, Analyses, and Processes
  3. -  American Politics
  4. -  Politics of Great Britain
  5. -  Project Management
  6. -  Thai Politics
  7. -  Thai Government and Politics (From the Military to the Reform Regimes)
  8. -  Thai Politics

Published Research

  1. -  Political Culture of the Middle Class in the Thai Society
  2. -  Rural Development: Success and Failure
  3. -  Political Perspectives of Thai Youth in Bangkok Metropolitan Area
  4. -  Evaluation and Reengineering of the Thai Police Department
  5. -  Factors Influencing the Structural Upgrade of Yala’s Municipality
  6. -  Organization Design for Decentralization under the Ministry of Public Health.
  7. -  Background, Political Culture, and Political Participation Factors: Thai Youth Leader’s Interests in Having Political Roles.

Published Articles

  1. Approaches to Sustainable Tourism Industry
  2. New Dimensions for Governmental Auditing Process
  3. Development of Democracy
  4. Management and Decision Making
  5. Theories on Social Changes
  6. Thai Public Administration in the New Decade
  7. Politics and Administration
  8. Youth and Social Participation

Class Taught
Doctoral Level

  1. -  Policies Studies
  2. -  Seminar Research and Development

Master’s Level

  1. Thai Social and Political System
  2. Project Planning and Development
  3. Public Policies and Planning

Special Lectures

  1. Resource Management
  2. Public Policies
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Political System Development
  5. Public Organization Planning
  6. Approaches and Theories in Social and Political Development Interaction between Politics, Economics, and Business Necessary for
  7. Management of the New Millennium Strategies of Planning Local Administration Thai Public Policy
  8. Management Change and Diversity
  9. Current Political Situation and Public Policy in Thailand Thailand's Political outlook
  10. Public Policy and Management Disciplines and Perspectives


  1. Voted, “The Rising World Leader” in 1974 by Time Magazine at the age of 23, the youngest of all 150 nominees that year
  2. Alumnus of the year 2004 by Petch-Pittayakom Alumni Association,Petchaboon
  3. Alumnus of the year 2005 by Kasetsart University Alumni Association
  4. The Scholastic Achievement Award of Kasetsart University
  5. Alumnus of the year 2006 by the Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University
  6. Alumnus of the year 2008 by the National Institute of Development Administration
  7. Excellent lecturer Award 2011 by the National Institute of Development Administration
  8. “Thomas Hart Benton Mural Medallion in recognition of prominent achievement and dedicated service” 2012 by Indiana University