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JCU Veterinary Exchange Students at Walailak University

Walailak University - Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College (AVC), welcomed five veterinary students from College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, James Cook University (JCU), Townsville, Australia between April 24 to May 5, 2023. The exchange students had been trained on poultry and wildlife medicine at Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College and visited regional livestock government laboratory in Southern Thailand. The students are interested in avian influenza viruses and gained informative experiences by attending the program with AVC.  In addition, the students had a great time visiting Songkhla zoo; zoo under the zoological park organization, to learn wildlife behavior. 

Assistant Professor Dr. Thotsapol Thomrongsuwannakij, D.V.M., Head of the exchange program mentioned that by attending a short course exchange program, the JCU students have fulfilled veterinary sciences knowledge and practice in Thailand for animal health that could impact on human and environment as well as having learned work practices and communication, they would have more effective skills and suitable approaches to effectively convey with colleagues, animal owners, and the public in order to conduct animal medical practices for competent animal health management in their future professions. 

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Photos by Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College
News by Jiraporn Kansuwan, Center for International Affairs