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Walailak University and Program Management Unit for Competitiveness Support Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project, Driving Carbon Neutral Tourism in Krabi 

Associate Professor Dr. Siwarit Pongsakornrungsilp, Acting Dean of the School of Management, Walailak University (WU), revealed that recently, WU, in collaboration with Program Management Unit For Competitiveness (PMUC), conducted a practical workshop to implement the greenhouse gas reduction project and presented certificates for participation in the Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS) project under Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), with the honor of Assistant Professor Supawadee Photiyarach, an expert from Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TRSI) who chairs the Tourism and Creative Economy Working Group of PMUC, presiding over the meeting. Certificates were presented to 13 hotel and restaurant business operators at Krabi Resort, Krabi Province.

Associate Professor Dr. Siwarit said that this research aimed at elevating management standards based on identity and innovation, focusing on carbon-neutral tourism, are ongoing in the Krabi Province and surrounding areas. Assistant Professor Dr. Pimlapas Pongsakornrungsilp serves as the research project director, continuing research efforts to drive carbon-neutral tourism in the region, with a goal that encompasses hotel businesses, restaurants, and community-based tourism in Krabi Province and its vicinity. One of the ongoing activities is driving the Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS) project with prototype hotels and restaurants to evaluate greenhouse gas reductions from trees, waste, and management processes to obtain certification from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO). 

Furthermore, it also aims to raise awareness and achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The calculated reduction amounts to a total of 78,238 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent. This achievement is a result of the efforts of only 13 tourism businesses. If there is increased participation in driving greenhouse gas reduction efforts in the future, it will inevitably lead to even greater reductions. The fact that the people of Krabi Province have signed up to become a Carbon Neutral Tourism Center by 2040 demonstrates that this goal is indeed achievable.

Assistant Professor Supawadee said that she would like to express admiration for everyone in Krabi who has been driving Krabi Carbon Neutral Tourism all along and in accordance with Krabi Declaration, since 2013. She noted that this commitment has been a collaborative effort between researchers and those involved in tourism management in Krabi to guide the direction of research from its inception to the current research activities driven by researchers from Walailak University for over 10 years. This contribution has been a crucial part of developing concepts, policies, and action plans.

Translated by Surangkana Chansap, an intern at Division of Corporate Communication
Edited by Settaboot Onphakdee, Division of Corporate Communication