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WU Conducting Health Outreach Service to Collect Data on Community Health Assessment Activities within the University's Health Service Network


On January 31st, Asst. Prof. Kamlai Somrak from the School of Nursing, and the working team of the Center for Academic Services, along with the staff from the Ban Thung Chon Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital, conducted the health outreach service under the project titled “The Promoting the Health of Disadvantaged People, Refugee/Immigrant Community Project within the Local Community Health Service Network of Walailak University.” This health outreach service was to assess the living conditions and health status of migrant worker groups, totaling 2 households, in Hua Tapan, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

Furthermore, on February 5th, the project team conducted additional health outreach services to collect data on disadvantaged people, bedridden patients, and migrant worker groups, in collaboration with the Ban Thung Chon Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital and the Village Health Volunteers.

The objectives of this health outreach project are as follows:

1.To provide opportunities for disadvantaged, refugee/immigrant groups to enhance their health in accordance with their basic needs.

2.To enable disadvantaged, refugee/immigrant groups to lead fulfilling lives in line with their basic needs while residing in Thailand.