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Walailak University is seeking for 2 Lecturers for School of Public Health

Walailak University is seeking for Lecturers for School of Public Health, in order to teach, research and develops academic work and academic services with details as follows

1.  General Qualifications

1.1 Applicants must have general qualifications and are not under any of the prohibitions, according to Article 11 of the Walailak University's regulations on personnel management, B.E. 2561
1.2 Graduated from the research focused course
1.3 GPA not less than 2.75 at the Bachelor's degree level, not lower than 3.50 at a Master’s degree level or equivalent. In case of graduating from a specialized course that has an academic year equivalent to a master's degree or a six years bachelor's degree program, such as the Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Bachelor of Pharmacy, GPA must not be lower than 3.25
1.4 Have an English proficiency score of TOEFL (Paper-Based) not less than 550 or other equivalent English proficiency test scores which do not exceed two years from the date of application The score details as follows

CEFR B2/ WU-TEP 84/ IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL IBT (Internet-Based Test) 80/ TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test) 550/ TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) 550/ TOEIC 686/ TOEFL CBT (Computer-Based Test) 213/ CU-TEP 100
If an applicant has a TOEFL (Paper-Based) score less than 550 but not less than 500, the university adapt an applicant to pass to the presentation round, and when being employed, the contract must be agreed with the following conditions

1) Must continue studying English until passing the criteria specified by the university
2) Must submit a 550 or higher TOEFL score within three years from the date of being employed as university staff

Applicants with the following qualifications are exempted from having an English proficiency test.

1) Type of contract: Temporary Employee
2) Native speakers who teach their native language. 
3) Eastern language lecturer (Except Thai)
4) An applicant who graduated with a bachelor's degree from a foreign country who uses English as a communication language or study in the curriculum taught in English.
5) An applicant who graduated Ph.D. in a foreign country that uses English as a communication language or study in the program taught in English.
6) An applicant who graduated Ph.D. (International program) in Thailand and must meet the English language criteria of standard when entering to a doctorate or graduate with a TOEFL (Paper-based) score not less than 550 or other equivalent scores
7) An applicant with academic positions (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor)

1.5 Applicants with a Master's degree must be under the age of 30, except for those with academic titles (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor) and persons holding specific professional or academic positions on  a professional level, Senior Professional Level, Expert Level Advisory Level or holding other positions with other names which are comparable to the professional level or higher from domestic or foreign higher education institutions or from government agencies or government organizations (If the qualifier’s age is over 30 years old and the department has a reason to hire this person, department is required to propose to the president for consideration on a case-by-case basis)
1.6 In the case that a Ph.D. graduate from a university that is in the World University Ranking but does not meet the criteria in 1.3, shall be the power of the president to consider and approve on a case-by-case basis.
Remark : Applicants who do not have English proficiency test scores or have not reached the required score level or have a lower GPA than specified or those with a master's degree but older than 30 years old, the university may offer to employ on a 1 year contract condition, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis

2.  Position-Specific Qualifications

2.1 Occupational Health and Safety Program 1 Position
- Hold a bachelor degree in Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health, Health Science or related fields.
- Hold a doctoral/Master degree in Industrial Hygiene, or other related fields
- Thai or other nationality who can communicate verbal/written in English fluently.
- Special consideration will be given to the applicants who have extensive experience in enterprises regarding occupational safety, safety design and technique, Occupational Safety and Health Management System

2.2 Community Health Promotion Program 1 Position
- Hold a bachelor degree in Public Health or related fields.
- Hold a doctoral/Master degree or having research or did the thesis in Community medicine and family medicine, Community Health Promotion, Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Control, Health Promotion in different Age, Family Health, School Health or other related fields  

3.  Responsibilities

3.1 Being a coordinator and teaching some courses in the ASEAN Studies Program
3.2 Being an academic advisor for students in the ASEAN Studies Program
3.3 Developing and conducting research related to ASEAN or Southeast Asia
3.4 Developing and maintaining academic collaborations and relationships with universities in Vietnam
3.5 Organizing Study Abroad and In-Country programs (learning language and culture in the native country in Vietnam

4.  Salary   

4.1 Ph.D. starting from 40,000 Baht 
4.2 Master Degree starting from 28,000 Baht
The university will consider the salary rate that will be received according to academic qualifications, knowledge, capabilities, and experience, following the regulations specified by the university.

5.  Welfare and benefits
Other Benefits: the employee is personally entitled to receive an allowance and staff welfare benefits while employed by the university, but this entitlement does not apply to his/her spouse or offspring.

1. Provident Fund (except, temporary, employees)
2. Medical expenses (for an individual employee only, exclusive of spouse or offspring)
3. Personal accident insurance
4. Royal Thai decorations
5. Bus service for WU Staff and a school bus for their offspring
6. On-campus residence
7. Formal dress and Semi-formal dress (a no-interest advance loan can be provided for own dress procurement) 
8. No-interest loan for personal computer purchase
9. Housing loan (Government Housing Bank)
10. Loan for scholarship compensation and/or penalty payment
11. Indemnity and funeral expenses
12. Compensation payment for unexpected employment termination
13. Teachers and educational personnel mutual cremation fund
14. Membership of Walailak University Club
15. Annual medical check-up
16. Membership of WU Sports and Health Center
The WU staff is entitled to the above mentioned welfare and fringe benefits as specified by the relevant rules and regulations of Walailak University, specified in accordance with an individual employment contract.

6.  Documents for application

6.1 The completed application form with attaching a recent 1 inches formal photo (not wearing a hat and sunglasses)
6.2 Copies of a Degree and Transcript of records of Bachelor's degree and higher.
6.3 A copy of the physiotherapist license (if required)
6.4 A copy of English proficiency test scores
6.5 A copy of national ID card or government official ID card or passport
6.6 A copy of house registration (if any)
6.7 A copy of other evidence such as marriage license, name change certificate (if any)
6.8 Applicants who have been enlisted must have evidence of conscription.
The applicant must sign and certify a copy of all documents. If the proof of applications of any applicant does not meet the requirements specified in the announcement, an applicant will be considered disqualified to the presentation round or to be selected as an employee.

7.  Application
Those who wish to apply can request and submit an application form from now on, between 08:30 - 16:30 hrs. (except public holidays) at    

(1)  Walailak University Coordination Unit, Bangkok
SM Tower 19th floor 979/44-46 (Opposite Channel 5, Sanam Pao)
Phahonyothin Road, Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 0-2298-0244-5 Fax 0-2298-0248    
(2)  Division of Human Resources and Organization, Walailak University
222  Thaiburi Subdistrict, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat   80160
Tel. 0-7567-3749   Fax 0-7567-3708
Or can apply by mail by downloading the academic staff application form
and send the document to (2) above

8.  Appointment process
The university will select suitable candidates for the position according to the following procedures:      

8.1 Step 1 Applicant is being considered academic qualifications, GPA, work experience, academic works and publications, and applicant's field of study that matches the job descriptions of the position or not.

8.2 Step 2
(1)  Once the applicant has passed step 1, the applicant is required to present on research or thesis for 10 minutes in order to evaluate the ability to present, knowledge transfer, academic ability and the potential to be excellent academics staff. In the case that the applicant has apparent experience and academic works and publications, an applicant may be considered to exclude the said presentation, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
(2)  The applicant will be interviewed to determine suitability in various aspects such as attitude, academic interest, determination, expression, interpersonal relations, and other personality, etc.

9.  Announcement of eligible candidates, schedule, and the announcement of an appointment result

(1) The university will announce the eligible candidates, presentation schedule and the result via the university website and university announcements
(2) The university reserves the right to consider the announcement of the eligible candidates or invite applicants to have an interview as proper.

10.  Other Conditions

10.1 A qualifier who is unable to start working within the specified date will be considered a disclaimer.
10.2 Applicants who have been selected as "substitution" will be summoned after the qualifier start working or disclaim, and the university may consider it as necessary and appropriate.
10.3 The university reserves the right to consider and examine the candidate's qualifications as appropriate.
10.4 The university reserves the right to call and check documents and other application evidence afterward as appropriate.
10.5 Counterfeiting of evidence and application documents may be illegal. The university reserves the right to terminate the application document or the appointment.
10.6 The qualifier must submit the medical certificate and the psychological test results authorized by public hospital. For the cost of the said checkup and test, the qualifier must pay by themselves. The qualifier must submit the said documents within the

following period of time:
1) For medical checkup, the qualifier must submit the medical certificate within the period stated in the appointment letter.
2) For the psychological test, the qualifier must submit the test result within 4 months from the starting date.

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