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Trichoderma 5 Plus for Plant Disease Controll by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Warin Intana Winning the Invention with the Highest Contribution to the Economic Value Award 2022


  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Warin Intana, Lecturer of School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry Walailak University 

    Assoc.Prof.Dr. Warin Intana, Lecturer of School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry Walailak University and Head of Tropical Crop Research Units, Walailak University received “Inventor with the Highest Contribution to Economic Value in the Southern Science Park Network Award” presented to recognize researchers devising outstanding innovations and passing on the knowledge to both public and private sectors to generate high total income. The ceremony was organized by Southern Thailand Science Park, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) between 26 and 27 February 2022 and the award was presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Niwat Keawpradub, President of Prince of Songkla University. 

Trichoderma 5 Plus” (International Standard Biological Products)     

    This agricultural innovation named “Trichoderma 5 Plus” (International Standard Biological Products) has won the award as a product highly effective in controlling plant diseases and pests and reducing production costs as well as a danger inherent to the use of chemicals. The product has helped to generate income amounting to the total economic value of 4,506,033.10 Thai baht. 

    Assoc.Prof.Dr. Warin, specializing in plant disease control, organic farming, and management of plant diseases in organic farming systems, said, “I am delighted to have had a chance to create things resonating with the societal and economic demands for both the agriculturists and the country as a whole. I would like to thank Walailak University along with other agricultural units, both public and private sectors, for cooperation and support. I am determined to push the frontier of agricultural innovation development as highlighted in our university’s vision; to unfailingly address community needs, and to strive for international recognition for excellence.”


     Talking about the future direction, he said, “Currently, Thai farmers lack sustainability and stability in their occupation which is derived from no other causes but high agricultural costs, unstable production prices and health risks as a result of overuse of chemicals. Therefore, I would like to develop research that will help solve problems for farmers by reducing the cost of farming and supplying quality products to set a higher selling price. More importantly, it does no harm to farmers, consumers, and the environment”

News by Nootchanat Sukkaew 

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