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Walailak Moving Forward on Why Do Young People Want to be Teachers?

Walailak University's lecturers from the Department of Education, School of Liberal Arts: Dr. Pongpan Compan, Associate Professor Dr. Sawit Pongvat, and Associate Professor Dr. Rajasyed Tengkusulaiman shared on Walailak Moving Forward, a university’s program broadcast live via Walailak Channel on 15 November 2022, the reasons why a new generation of Thai students wants to be a teacher. 

There are many factors involved including stability, advancement in the career, and an attractive salary.

Dr. Pongpan Compan, head of the Department of Education, said that there were more than 22,000 teacher positions available across the country in the previous year. However, Thailand still lacks teachers. 

"In general, the student's decision is influenced by many factors. However, the main factors are that teachers are highly skilled professionals and that students have been inspired since they were very young. And also, the career is stable,” said Dr. Pongpan.

The Bachelor of Education at Walailak University is very unique. The curriculum is designed based on each major's specialty combined with the teaching profession. Currently, there are 10 majors: Thai, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, Thai Dance Education, Mathematics, Computer Education, Biology, General Sciences, and Agriculture.

Associate Professor Dr. Sawit Pongwat, a lecturer from the Thai Dance Education major and an expert in Thai dance said “the major aims to develop students who are described as Good, Able, and Valuable, and can showcase Thainess to the world.”

The foundation of the Thai Dance Education major is formed based on four pillars: the academic pillar, the English pillar, the technology pillar, and the code of ethics of teaching profession pillar. Each branch of Thai dance is taught by experts in the field. Moreover, the major has built networks with numerous reputable schools in Nakhon Si Thammarat aiming to send their students to practice teaching during their studies. Associate Professor Dr. Sawit also added that the reasons students choose to become teachers are the attractive salary and opportunities for career advancement.

Associate Professor Dr. Rajasyed, a lecturer from the Physical Education major, said, “there are currently more than 200 applicants. However, the major can accommodate only 30 students.”

Physical education major is among the majors many students find interesting. With the facilities provided by the university, such as the main stadium, golf course, badminton court, swimming pool, tennis court, and futsal area; the major has a great potential to develop highly skilled students who can compete at a regional and a national level.

With a concerted effort from many experienced teachers and the unique curriculum design approved by the Teachers' Council of Thailand, it can be said that Walailak University will line up among the institutions that produce quality teachers, contributing to the nation's educational system.